From experience
to engagement in a flash.

From experience
to engagement in a flash.

From experience
to engagement in a flash.

From experience
to engagement in a flash.

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Pomvom next generation
media solution


Recognition & Distribution


Pomvom uses advanced facial recognition technology and machine learning algorithms to enable media (photo, video) to be sent automatically to the individuals in them - in real time from any device. The solutions allows businesses and brands to seamlessly distribute and monetize all digital content that they create, while offering users a fully immersive media experience- view, buy and share photos in just one click.

Upload in real-time from any device with/without wifi, or manually

Real-time deep learning engine

Theme Parks
& Attractions

Increase revenue from photography operations, while reducing operational costs, with the Pomvom all-in-one monetization solution. All theme park photos and videos are instantly distributed to your visitors’ devices, allowing them to view, buy and share your branded media.

Sporting Events

Easily connect with the thousands of visitors attending each of your events. Photos of visitors and players are seamlessly distributed to their phones in real time, arming your visitors with professional branded content to share and post on social media.

Music Concerts
& Festivals

Organizing a music event with tens of thousands of attendees? Engage and connect with them all, no need to know their names or contact details. With Pomvom, all media is sent directly to their phones, arming them with professional, branded photos that can instantly be shared on social media in real time.


Take your club photography to the next level. Visitors no longer have to sift through hundreds of photographs online days after the party is over. With Pomvom, attendees receive all photos they are in just seconds after they are taken, and can post and share with friends while still experiencing the party high.

Private Events

Splurged on a professional photographer for your wedding, sweet 16 or bar mitzvah? Why keep all the photos to yourself? With Pomvom, guests receive photos directly to the phone within seconds, ready to share their fun moments and print copies directly to their home.

& Conventions

Leverage event photographers to create brand awareness and buzz. All photos taken during the conference are distributed to devices of attendees in real time, creating exciting engagement and allowing visitors to easily share on social media channels while the conference is still in full force.

Real Scale in Real-time

Pomvom’s solution combines advanced facial recognition technology and an AI learning engine to enable real time photo streaming at scale.

Elastic Architecture Supports Scale

Enables more scale with limited computing power

Face in the Wild

Dynamic recognition and real-time delivery of new faces that are not in the database

Our Vision

We believe in capturing and commemorating fleeting moments, helping people connect. Backed by a team of innovative entrepreneurs, technology experts and passionate photographers, Pomvom marries the cutting edge and the creative, bringing it to the masses.